Team Building Activity: Red Dot, Blue Dot

Posted by Kristin Arnold on March 1, 2022

This activity will visually allow a team to quickly identify the highest and lowest priorities. You can use any team size and the exercise takes 10 minutes.  You will need a few materials:

  • A brainstorm list written on easel charts with a 12″ left and right margin
  • Ten red dots and ten blue dots for each team member

Red Dot, Blue DotAssemble your team in a space large enough for team members to see each other and the easel. Introduce this activity as a way to quickly prioritize a list of items.

Give each team member ten red dots and ten blue dots. (Note: If the brainstorm list has less than thirty items, divide the number of items by three, and that equals the number of dots).

Tell the team members to identify where they will place their dots: Red dots go next to items they feel “real hot” about – they are a high priority. Blue dots go next to items they feel are low priorities. Announce whether you want to allow the team members to place multiple dots on one item, or only one dot per item. (Note: if you want a forced distribution, allow only one dot per item. If you want the strength of the items to come out, then allow multiple dots).

Tell the team members to stand up and place the dots on the easel charts. The red dots go on the left margin of the item, the blue dots go on the right margin.

Debrief and Summarize
After all have had a chance to place the dots on the chart, stand back and see what the highest priorities are.

  • What does this information tell us?
  • What’s a high priority, low priority, or no priority?
  • Where’s the controversy?
  • Are there any “pet” issues of one or two team members?

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