Discover why more than 86% of the clients who hire Kristin use her services again and/or refer her to other groups:

1Clarifies the Complex.  Kristin provides clarity to your bottom line results.  As a facilitator, consultant, and trainer to over 250 different companies, her clients have come to trust and count on her uncanny ability to explain strategies and tactics in ways that are easy to understand and implement.

2Tailored to YOU.  Some people say they customize, but just change a few words here and there, insert your logo, and push the “play” button.  Not Kristin.  She designs a truly unique, innovative, and interactive program to deliver those results.

3Bias Toward Interaction.  Kristin literally “wrote the book” on making presentations engaging and interactive (Boring to Bravo).  You can depend on her to share relevant and timely content as well as draw out key ideas from the participants themselves.

4Follow Through.  We all know that people are much more committed to following through on an idea when they have a hand in creating that idea.  Kristin is dedicated to helping her audiences walk away with easy-to-follow action items that can be implemented immediately to produce extraordinary results.




5Experienced.  With over 30+ years of experience facilitating and training teams in the workplace, she has worked with over 250 different organizations, 450 teams, and worked with over 16,000 leaders in a dozen countries around the world.  She is an award-winning author, member of the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), as well as a Certified Professional Facilitator | Master (CPF|Master) – blending the best of both worlds to deliver an engaging and interactive experience your attendees will never forget!

6Walks Her Talk. As a serial entrepreneur and past President of the National Speakers Association, Kristin understands the importance of leadership, collaboration, and strategy.  She has been in your shoes and understands the challenges, complexities, and rewards.

7 Promote the Event.  Kristin wants to help you fill the room, so she’ll create a custom video, blog, article, and engage in social media channels to create excitement for your event!

8 Easy to Work With.  Kristin works with her clients to create an amazing event.  Her mantra is “No hassles. No drama.  Easy-peazy.”


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