Test Team Alignment with this Activity

Posted by Kristin Arnold on February 16, 2024

team alignment

Want to test your team alignment? Try this thought-provoking team activity:

  1. Ask each team member to take a moment to write down a one-sentence description of the organization’s overall strategy. (Note: You can substitute “overall” for “growth,” “talent,” “technology,” etc.)
  2. Then ask each team member to share their one sentence and for all to listen deeply. Notice the similarities and differences without any criticism or judgment.
  3. After all have shared their sentences, debrief what they heard:
    • Similarities?
    • Differences?
    • How aligned are we?
    • How can we become even more aligned?

In my experience, three things happen during this activity:

  1. Everyone pretty much says the same thing, using the same words. In this case, you have great alignment within the team. It also means that your team is sending a consistent message to the rest of the organization.
  2. Everyone is kinda saying the same thing, but not quite the same way. In this case, you are directionally aligned (we all know we are going to XYZ), but how they convey the strategy is up to interpretation. This is a great time to get everyone on board with a consistent understanding and interpretation of the strategy.
  3. Everyone is saying something slightly different. In this case, the team is directionally unfocused. Great opportunity to dial it in and get super clear on the strategy.
  4. There are more differences than similarities. In this case, the team has probably not had a clear conversation about the strategy. Now is the time to put a stake in the ground and declare your strategy!

Try this quick team activity to determine team alignment with your strategy and let me know how it goes!

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