Personal Branding Bible: Discover Your Fair Advantage Book Review

Posted by Kristin Arnold on August 28, 2023

personal branding bible

Everyone talks about how important it is to establish a unique personal brand or “fair advantage” – one that helps you stand out from the “competition” so that you can get ahead at work or in the marketplace. It has taken me YEARS to understand what that really means and how to figure out what makes me and my brand unique.

And then Sylvie DiGiusto comes out with a hefty tome that literally walks you through a process to help you figure out your unique value proposition.  It’s called Discover Your Fair Advantage: Leverage Your Unique Selling Points and Human Potential for Work, Business, and Life.

Make no mistake. DiGiusto has created a workbook to help you distill your essence and communicate and demonstrate it in the world. It took me two months to get through the book – and I had already done some of the suggested activities. Even so, I discovered several nuances to my personal brand that I found to be invaluable insights.

  • Part 1 states the case for creating a personal brand
  • Part 2 is a series of activities to help you discover your fair advantage. Some activities are easier (more obvious to answer) than others – but you don’t want to cheat yourself and bypass any of the chapters. They ALL contribute to defining your unique selling proposition (USP) statement in the last chapter. That one chapter is worth the price of admission!
  • Part 3 is a frank discussion about how we can sabotage leveraging our fair advantage. The smallest of the chapters, but worthwhile to revisit from time to time, keeping yourself on track.

After going through the exercises in this book, I wish I had done this when first starting out in the business world. It’s ideally suited for high performers who want to climb the career ladder in their organization as well as business owners who want to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Ideally, this book should be required material for any leadership academy or emerging leader program!


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