Walk with a Purpose

Posted by Kristin Arnold on December 15, 2008

I have noticed a disturbing trend with many presenters – they walk into the audience presumably to “engage” them. Actually, they walk into the crowd to gather energy from them, to close the gap between the front of the room, the podium or lecturn. This movement is more about what the presenter needs to feel successful.

It’s the indiscriminate wandering that bugs me. Walk into the crowd with a purpose: to ask a question, give a prize, interview a participant. Connect with the audience in a meaningful way.

When you walk into the audience, do what you need to do and return to the front. Please don’t meander around the crowd – it’s distracting, especially if the house lights are down. We can’t see your face in the dark and with your wandering, we often times only see your backside!

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