Make Your Presentation Relevant to Your Audience

Posted by Kristin Arnold on July 30, 2010

A world-renowned organizational anthropologist was giving an interesting presentation when she lost all credibility.  She displayed a visual of a whale leaping up out of the water to eat from a human hand and said, “I heard this is true…”.  Most of us knew this slide was urban legend material lifted off the Internet and was, in fact, not true. Although I quietly sat there, I couldn’t accept another word she said. What else was not true as well?  Several people got up and left.”

Today’s audiences are exceptionally savvy.  They are expecting up-to-date, cutting edge information they can’t get elsewhere.  They are expecting more than a regurgitated book report or sensationalized statistics.  They can get that on the Internet.

Question:  If they can read it elsewhere or download the same information, why should they make an effort to come listen to you?

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