Whistle While You Work

Posted by Kristin Arnold on November 24, 2007

Gorged on Thanksgiving turkey and looking for a “feel good” movie, my family and I went to see the new movie, Enchanted, an amusing collision between animated Disney classics in the real world. The premise is simple: a fairytale Snow White/Sleeping Beauty/Belle/Cinderella named “Giselle” from Andalasia, a land far, far away from Times Square in New York City. Giselle is thrown down a wishing well (a la Alice in Wonderland) by the evil queen and step mother of her “one true love,” Edward, only to find herself dazed and confused with our real world in NYC.

Befriended by Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy of my daughter’s favorite TV show, Grey’s Anatomy), Giselle calls upon the forest’s creatures to help her clean up McDreamy’s apartment (a la Snow White and Seven Dwarfs). She doesn’t look a tad bit surprised when pidgeons, cockroaches and rodents come to her rescue rather than bluebirds of paradise. Interestingly enough, they all work together to put the place in swift order.

Question: When you call upon those in your office to help out, do you let all of God’s creatures help you? Or only the beautiful bluebirds of paradise?

P.S. This movie is quite fun…and even more interesting when you try to find the allusions to other fairy tales. We had a hoot finding them all on the way home from the theater!

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