What’s Your Style: Directive or Collaborative?

Posted by Kristin Arnold on May 21, 2008

I was asked to moderate a panel discussion after a very important presentation to company stakeholders. During the final dry run, I observed the speech coach directing the Vice Presidents. Notice, I use the term “directing” rather than “coaching”.

Her directions included phrases such as “Ok. Now do this.” “What we’re going to do is…” When someone would offer an idea, she would say “Yes (or No),” and then express her opinion.

She was so intent on the task at hand, she didn’t even acknowledge the other diverse expertise in the room (the other company representatives, their brand consultant, or even me!).

Technically, this speech consultant is very good. I agree with many of her directions and even admire her skill. But her style leaves me cold.

I would rather see her be more collaborative….and well, be a coach rather than a director!

Question: When someone is observing you in action, would they see you as a director or collaborative coach?

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