What To Do With Your Remote?

Posted by Kristin Arnold on April 22, 2009

Just back from the International Federation for Professional Speakers’ Global Speakers Summit in Cape Town, South Africa. Hosted by the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, the Summit was a smashing success with over 150 professional speakers from around the world coming together to share ideas.

One of the best ideas I saw was from Ian Thomas, a game ranger in Africa who speaks on The Power of the Pride” – a teamwork analogy.

Ian describes the characteristics of a lion in fascinating detail – with PowerPoint slides as well as physical movement.  So what do you do with the remote “clicker” when you want to use your hands?

Ian put the remote on his belt, much like we put a cellphone in a belt holster!  What a brilliant idea!  When you want to advance a slide, you just reach down to your belt, and hit the button.

Being a consummate professional, Ian has his holster custom-made for his specific remote, but I am sure you can take this idea and adapt it to your own remote – thereby freeing up your hands to gesture wildly!

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