Vision is Just a Story Line

Posted by Kristin Arnold on June 29, 2011

While reading the June Issue of Fast Company, I ran across a great quote by Chris Cox, Facebook’s Product Chief and keeper-creator of the social network’s culture of relentless innovation.  He said

“I am constantly trying to find and articulate something that everyone can organize around – it’s what most people call ‘vision,’ but it’s really just a story line.”

And isn’t that what teams are looking for?  A story line with a happy ending.  A rallying effort that drives success.

Picture this:  the speaker ahead of my breakout session at the HR Summit in Singapore polled the audience: “How many of you have a Facebook account?”  EVERY hand went up in the room.  He then asked, “How many of you have NOT looked at your newsfeed yet today?”  Only 10% of them raised their hands.  The speaker continued: “For those of you who haven’t checked Facebook today, how many of you do NOT intend to check it sometime today?”  Not one hand went up.

Facebook is ubiquitous.  Now that’s a story.

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