Vision of Redesigning Boring Newspapers

Posted by Kristin Arnold on September 6, 2010

Just watched this six-minute TED Talks speech on the redesign of Russian newspapers – to go from blah to being awarded the WORLD’s best newspaper with just a few years!  Designer Jacek Utko calmly talks us through his inspiration, vision, strategy and accomplishments – and blithly says “I’m not going to tell you about teamwork or cooperation.  My approach is very egotistic.  I wanted my artistic statement, my interpretation of reality.  I wanted to make posters, not newspapers.”

He provided the vision, the leadership, the direction – wanting to make posters and not boring newspapers.  And then everything that comes out of his mouth is about the team – ” We were experimenting with type, with illustrations, with photos.  And we had fun.”

Question:  Does your team have a vision?  A direction?  Can you all point to it?  Explain it in a sentence or two?

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