Involving Virtual Audiences in Meaningful Ways

Whether your meeting is completely online or a “hybrid” with some folks meeting face-to-face while others join in virtually, your meeting success is directly related to the ability of the speakers and participants to connect with the topic and each other.

Unfortunately, many virtual meetings are one-way webinars that don’t inspire people to listen in and take action.

That’s where Kristin Arnold can help!



Kristin Arnold is a Certified Professional Facilitator | Master (CPF | M) who has been seriously working in the virtual world for the past six years:

  • Interviewed over 50 executives and team leaders via Skype, Zoom and/or GoToMeeting.  These recorded interviews were repurposed for use within the organization.
  • Moderated over 25 virtual panels via Skype, Zoom and WebinarJam – using many of the features and functions to engage the audience
  • EmCeed hybrid programs where there is a live and virtual audience.   Kristin is comfortable and adept at addressing and involving two different audiences at the same time!
  • Facilitated high stakes meetings including strategic planning retreats, scenario-planning, and goal-setting conversations.
  • Trained over 500 executives and team leaders on how to manage in the virtual world.
  • Coached executives on what to say and how to say their key messages delivered on a digital platform.



How Kristin Can Help Your Virtual Events

For those virtual meetings you really can’t afford to mess up (think strategy meetings, scenario planning, or post-pandemic upswing action planning), Kristin is your insurance policy to ensure your team makes smart decisions and holds each other accountable for those decisions.

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Managing teams remotely is the new normal so having an effective virtual leadership playbook is paramount to your organization’s success. In this virtual webinar or live presentation, Kristin seven specific strategies that will significantly enhance your virtual team meetings.

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Kristin is adept at making virtual panel discussions more powerful through a lively, engaging, audience-centered conversation.  As a thought leader in making panels more powerful, she uses her facilitation skills and process techniques to make your virtual panel session into a robust, interesting and lively discussion.  She ensures there is audience/panel participation, the information  is useful and the session starts and stops on time.

Kristin knows her panel moderator role is to be the producer/director of your virtual panel presentation – and not the star of the program.  Your panelists and participants are the stars and Kristin makes them look like heroes!

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With Kristin as your virtual Emcee, you can be assured that your online business event will flow smoothly and on time. Having a consistent face and voice the “stitches together” the virtual sessions for participants adds a much-needed familiarity and helps alleviate the isolated feeling that online events can sometimes produce for attendees.

Kristin is the glue that holds the event together in a gracious and elegant way.

Kristin quickly connects with the audience with her warm, engaging style. She reinforces the conference theme and “connects the dots” between the speakers, breakout rooms and other event activities. She’s adept at building conversations with the virtual audience about key issues.

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Can Virtual Teams Really Work? 

Yes indeed!  However, if you can’t lead a team well in a face-to-face environment, you’ll struggle in the virtual world.

To help smooth this transition, here are some virtual teaming resources:


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Virtual Teaming Resources

Facilitating Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meeting Icebreakers

Virtual Panel Discussion Resources



For more information about how to navigate in the virtual environment, contact Kristin
at (800) 589-4733