Using the People’s Microphone at Occupy Wall Street Presentations

Posted by Kristin Arnold on November 5, 2011

Regardless of your political sentiments, it’s amazing to watch a HUGE group of people converge on one location and be able to hear one person give a compelling presentation.  Occupy Wall Street uses a “boomerang” technique so that the entire group can hear the speaker.  It’s really quite simple:  The speaker says a short, memorable sentence, and the audience repeats the sentence.  Then the speaker continues with another short sentence; the audience repeats the sentence.  The power of multiple voices allows everyone within the vicinity to hear the message – without using a microphone.  Ingenious!

Check out this video to see the “people’s microphone” in action – and the audience is loving being part of the conversation!

Here’s another video where the audience responses are edited out of the video to show the streamlined presentation.  Pretty cool and I bet it is more difficult to keep the flow going when you have to stop at each sentence!

What do you do to include the audience in your message?


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