The Short List of Presentation Bloggers

Posted by Kristin Arnold on January 7, 2012

I was talking (virtually) to fellow blogger Vivek Singh about the plethora of blogs talking about presentation skills.  He and I contribute to this specific space in the blogosphere.  So does Andrew Dlugan who put together an amazing list of 118 fellow bloggers and Ian Griffin lists 43 bloggers plus 58 from his National Speakers Association buddies.

Alltop is another site which is supposed to help us. The problem (again) is the number of blogs it lists. More than 50. Wouldn’t it be spiffy if we had a link to a small list of 10 to 15 blogs? Blogs that are great?  Blogs that do more than rehash stale content?  Blogs that make you think?

What blogs do YOU follow regularly? Blogs that have helped you become a better presenter?  Blogs that you absolutely love to read?

Share some names with me by leaving a comment here:

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