Teamwork is a Learned Skill.

Posted by Kristin Arnold on September 20, 2010

Teamwork is a skill that is learned over time.  Some of our skills come from disciplined education and training; however most of our good teaming habits come from day-to-day interactions we have with our team mates.  Unfortunately, many of us also learn some not-so-great team habits – and reinforce those habits – simply because we don’t know any better!

If you have ever been on a truly high performance team, then you know what it takes to succeed: achieving the desired results using a smooth process while maintaining collaborative relationships.  Once you have been on a fabulous team, you bring those ground rules with you to all other teams.  And why not?  Shouldn’t all teams be extraordinary?  Once you get a taste of a high performing team, you develop future teams with skills along the way, so that ALL teams can be a high performing team.

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