Teambuilding Event a Good Step Toward Positive Vibes

Posted by Kristin Arnold on October 1, 2009

In these turbulent times, many workplace teams are feeling a bit “punky.”  Funky, not exactly perky.  Whether your team is just forming or has been around for awhile, bonding outside the workplace is important to build relationships between team members.

Make an investment in your team’s wellness with a team building event:

The Usual Suspects.  Bowling, miniature golfing, ice skating, and other typical amusements.  When food is involved, organize potluck lunches, dinners, and happy hours.

Cultural Twist.  Go to the symphony, opera, theatre, art festival, or other cultural events.

Murder Mystery.  Imagine your team in ancient times, a classic crime scene, or a crowded coffeehouse where each team member assumes a character.  Clues guide them in sniffing out the culprit in their midst.

Calm Chatter.  Try a paint-it-yourself pottery studio in your area.  Let the team’s artistic talents emerge as they select a piece of pottery and paint it any way they like.  It’s a comfortable way to get to know each other better.

Rope ‘Em Up.  Adventurous teams may want to try outdoor problem solving games and trust-building initiatives such as paintball, rock climbing, as well as high and low (elevation) rope courses.  Make sure you work with a reputable company that knows what they are doing.  Ask the facilitator if the activities are routinely tested for safety and suited for the physical capabilities of your team.  You want activities that help you get outside your comfort zone, but not so far that someone gets hurt.

Bawdy Good Time.   Bordering on the politically incorrect, take your team to a renaissance period restaurant where you are served by lusty serving wenches, dine amidst wandering minstrels, are entertained by fools (other than your teammates),  and are graced with a visit from the King, if you’re really lucky.  It’s loud, bawdy, and boisterous and if your teammates get too far out of line, they might get a visit to the stocks!

Question:  Do you have a creative idea that has boosted your team?

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