Team Virtuosity

Posted by Kristin Arnold on August 12, 2008

I’m on vacation in Prince Edwards Island with my sweetie, Joseph Sherren and my son, Travis Arnold. Last night, we went to a summer concert at the Victoria Playhouse at Victoria-By-The-Sea.

Liz Carroll, and amazing fiddler from Chicago and John Doyle, an Irish guitar virtuoso have been playing Irish music together for a few years. They have one CD (which we bought) with another one along the way. We were completely mesmerized at their performance!

Much to their delight, Richard Wood a fabulous fiddler of Chieftan’s fame from Charlottetown, PEI’s capital, agreed to join them onstage for two AMAZING reels – at the end of the first set as well as the final set.

Although they have never practiced these tunes before, it was amazing to watch these three consummate professionals working together. It was a joy to watch each of them compliment each other – one person taking the lead – supporting each other to make beautiful music.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching each of them revel in their music…and each other.

Question: When working with each other, are you reveling in the work that you do? Are you supporting each other to produce a “beautiful” deliverable?

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