Team Activity: Team Habits, Rituals, and Ceremonies

Posted by Kristin Arnold on July 1, 2024

team habits

I just received a lovely email from a former client and consultant, Donna Speller Turner. She says,

“I recently spent a week facilitating a retreat with a 60+ client project team.  On the last day of their retreat, I incorporated a short lecturette and activity based on your article entitled ‘Team Habits, Rituals, and Ceremonies.’  After introducing the topic and asking some thoughtful questions about the project team’s habits, rituals, and ceremonies, six subteams spent about 45 minutes designing one activity for each of the three categories.  

This activity was a real HIT with the team!  They were excited to discuss this topic.  They were EAGER to codify some of their more hit-or-miss rituals, and they were GLAD to describe, share, and embrace the habits that were working well.”  

Delighted to inspire a new team activity! During this Fourth of July holiday week, you too might want to consider this team activity about team habits, rituals, and ceremonies!

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