Team Building Activity: Just Plane Parts

Posted by Kristin Arnold on December 6, 2023

team building activity plane

Use this activity with 6 or more people to demonstrate how we are all parts of a larger system. The exercise requires 10 to 15 minutes and you will need an easel chart and marking pen.

Start with a space large enough for each team member to see the others and the easel. Begin with a picture of the major product your company produces or contributes to. Some manufacturing examples might be a plane, a train, or a bulldozer. For a service industry, draw a picture of the major product your company services or a picture of the location. Keep the picture simple.

Introduce the activity as a way to see how we are all parts of a whole. “We begin with a picture of our product, and we all add value to that product. Each of us can relate to a part of that product, or as a contributor to the final product. [If you like, give some examples.] So please come up to the chart and draw your ‘part’ and explain to the team (1) what the part is and (2) why you identify with that part. We have lots of colored markers up here – and don’t worry about your artistic ability…you can explain your drawing to us!”

The team will struggle with your assignment, but let them struggle. You want them to creatively express their roles and their contributions to the team.

Debrief and Summarize
After all have had a chance to participate and shared their part, debrief the activity:

  • What do you think of your (product)?
  • What do you think about your roles on the team?

Be sure each person has a basic understanding of his or her role. Have the team discuss roles if still unclear about how they relate to the overall mission.Just Plane Parts

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