Team Building Activity: Map It!

Posted by Kristin Arnold on August 23, 2023

team building activity map it

The objective of this team activity is to creatively demonstrate the geographic diversity and similarities of the team. The ideal team size is 5 to 20 people and the exercise will take 5 to 20 minutes. You will need a plastic coated 3′x5′ geographic map (of the U.S. or the World, depending on the makeup of the team) and some removable colored dots.

Assemble the team members in a space large enough for each person to see the others and the easel. Before your team assembles, ask each team member to place a small, colored dot on the places they have lived.

Ask each team member to give a quick “tour” for the team, where they have lived and what they were doing at each location. Also ask each team member to share something they remember from their youth (the first dot on the map!).

Debrief and Summarize
After all have had a chance to participate, debrief the activity:

  • What do you think about the activity?
  • What are some of the things we have in common?
  • What are some of the differences between team members?
  • How can these commonalities and differences affect our teamwork?

Inspired by Steve Holcomb

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