Team Building Activity: Vacation Themed Decision Making

Posted by Kristin Arnold on May 23, 2023

Team Building Activity

Decisions, DecisionsThis activity works well to demonstrate the team process of making decisions – especially with new team members who don’t know each other well. An ideal team size is 3 to 5 people and the exercise requires about 20 minutes.

You will need the following materials:

  • Prepared 5.x7. index cards with the name of the city, length of stay, travel time and cost
  • Map of vacation destination and/or travel brochure

Start with a space large enough for groups to collaborate. Begin by painting a picture of your team traveling to an exotic destination (e.g., Italy). The challenge is that all team members must agree on the itinerary within the following constraints:

  • You only have ten days total.
  • You must arrive and depart from Rome (or other central destination).
  • The possibilities are described on the provided index cards (hand out the cards…noting the actual time at the location as well as the travel time to get there).
  • Total amount budgeted for travel and lodging is $5,000.

This will be their starting point. Indicate on each card the minimum amount of time that they must stay in whatever cities they choose and the travel time (in days) from the arrival point to the other cities. Determine how many days the vacation will last. Inform the team that it has ten minutes to decide how to spend its ten-day vacation.

Ask each team to share its travel itinerary.

Debrief and Summarize

After each team has shared the travel itineraries, debrief the activity:

  • Did the team have a consensus? If not, what kind of decisions were made
  • What worked well for the team?
  • What would have made the process work better?
  • Did the team “think out of the box?” (e.g., asking the facilitator if  they could take more travel time by traveling by a slower mode or if they could allow “fluid” time so that they could stay longer in a city than planned.)
  • What did you learn from this activity?
  • How might we apply these lessons to our team’s work?
  • How did your team make decisions?Decisions, Decisions



Inspired by Sally Holloway

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