Social Media is Like Flossing Your Teeth

Posted by Kristin Arnold on June 5, 2012

We all know we need to brush our teeth to keep our teeth and gums healthy. I brush my teeth when I first get up and right before I go to bed. If I eat something particularly odorous (think eggs, garlic, onions), an extra brushing is in order. I’m at the point in my life when it just doesn’t feel right not to brush my teeth, so I brush my teeth religiously, at least twice a day.

Flossing is also a good habit to get into to keep your teeth and gums healthy – and it’s an easy habit to fall out of.  Flossing requires a bit more time and energy than brushing your teeth – and you need to have dental floss on hand.  Personally, I go through cycles of good flossing (my dentist would be so proud!) – and some not so great times.  And you can actually feel it (and maybe even see it if you’ve gone for a long time) in your gums.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that social media is the same way.  The last several weeks have been a little crazy, and so my social media outreach efforts have not been so great.  And I can tell.  There isn’t as much engagement with my “tribe” and some of my key metrics have gone down a few points.

I still can’t confirm a direct correlation between these efforts and incoming business – but I can tell you that I have more inquiries when I am actively blogging and posting, sharing insights, ideas and trends as a thought leader on teamwork, facilitation and professional speaking.

Does one beget the other?  Nope.  For me, one does NOT cause the other the other to happen.  Social media alone does not bring you business and yet it is part of a larger symbiotic relationship.  Give great value to your community, and people will speak highly of you – and refer you – whether it is done face-to-face or virtually.

My current challenge is to floss daily as well as give great value to my community.   I’m up for the challenge – and looking forward to connecting with you!

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