Show Where You’re Going with a Team Map

Posted by Kristin Arnold on October 6, 2011

One and done?  Or, is your team meeting one in a series of meetings to accomplish a specific result?

If it is the latter, I have always found it helpful to put together a “team map” – a graphic or visual representation of the team’s journey.  The team map shows the high-level components of a series of meetings – all leading to the end result.

Use the team map much like you would use a roadmap to drive to a specific destination.  Talk about it at the beginning to get agreement and alignment to the overall process.  Post it on the wall to remind team members where they are in the process. And celebrate when you move from one phase to another!

Here is a simple example of the Shewart Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle:


When improving a process, you can use this simple visual:


Or, you can use a more detailed version.  (I call this the left brained version as it is just a table with no graphics or colors!):

You can throw in a bit of color:

Just as you use a roadmap when driving to your destination, try creating a team map to show the critical milestones along the way to success.




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