Punch It Up – Go From Boring to Bravo!

Posted by Kristin Arnold on August 11, 2008

Your audiences are demanding you to be more engaging and interactive when giving a presentation. Whether you are selling an idea, sharing information, persuading them to action, they want to participate rather than be lectured to.

As a certified professional facilitator (CPF) and certified professional speaker (CSP), I have done an extensive amount of research on what makes a “speech” or “presentation” more facilitative, engaging and interactive – where you go beyond speaking at the audience and move them to participating with you.

As I write the book, “Boring to Bravo”, I will be sharing some insights and video clips demonstrating specific techniques you can use to punch up your presentations. My hope is that you adapt these ideas to help make your next presentation more engaging. And, I look forward to hearing your ideas and techniques as well!

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