Book Review: Presentation Ready

Posted by Kristin Arnold on April 16, 2024

presentation ready

New and veteran salespeople will benefit from reading Terri Sjodin‘s latest book, Presentation Ready: Improve Your Sales Presentation Outcomes & Avoid the Twelve Most Common Mistakes.

Backed by recent research, Sjodin shares the 12 most common mistakes – along with relatable case studies and practical methods to overcome each mistake.

The 12 most common mistakes are:

1. Winging it
2. Being overly informative vs. persuasive
3. Providing inadequate support
4. Failing to close the sale
5. Misusing the allotted time
6. Being boring, boring, boring
7. Ineffectively using visual aids
8. Failure to create connection with listeners
9. Distracting gestures and body language
10. Dressing inappropriately or unprofessionally
11. Technology or demonstration failures
12. Verbal misteps

I don’t know about you, but I have either 1. made every single one of these mistakes in a big way or 2. seen someone make one of these mistakes. The big ones are memorable; however, even the small instances deter your potential client from buying your product or service.

I believe this is a great book to give to your sales team. Read a chapter (1 mistake) and then debrief the mistake, the instances where they saw that specific mistake affect the outcome, lessons learned, and go-forward strategy as a team. Using this book as a basis of discussion is a powerful tool to upskill your sales teams!

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