More than Doom and Gloom

Posted by Kristin Arnold on January 4, 2009

The media is absorbed with the doom and gloom in these tough economic times. Enough already!  Yes, we need to be prudent and fiscally responsible, but don’t let the negativity of the day creep into your everyday activities

To ward off the “Eeyore” syndrome (you know the one, sounding like A.A. Milne’s downright droopy donkey in his book, Winnie the Pooh), make a resolution to celebrate every day:

Smile.  Even if you have to fake it ’til you make it, you can’t hold a fake smile for long.  A smile will make you feel better – as well as everyone else around you.

Compliment Others.  Notice something nice about your team mates – and then genuinely compliment her about it.  People always like to hear nice things about themselves.

Avoid the Bandwagon.  It’s easy to get sucked into a downbeat discussion.  Even easier to join in and complain with your team mates.  Don’t get sucked into the doom and gloom vortex.

Remind Yourself.  Put a little “B+” or “KIP”note by your computer screen as a reminder to “Be Positive” or “Keep It Positive.”  BTW, keep this one real.  No one likes a plastic faker, either.

Disagree Agreeably.  Try not to attack other people’s ideas; rather, you can say,  “I see it differently,,” or “I can see your point, and I disagree.”  Most people don’t like to be wrong – and most don’t have all the answers!  Teamwork is all about collaborating…

Butt Out the “Buts”.  You can destroy a whole lot of goodwill when you add a “but” to the end of your sentence.  “I agree but….”  Figure out a way you can say what you need to say without negating what comes before the “but”!

KIP! Your teammates will appreciate it.

Question:  Are you keeping it positive in these tough economic times?



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