LOVE this Nametag!

Posted by Kristin Arnold on June 21, 2011

What’s not to like about a nametag?  It serves an admirable purpose: allowing others to know your name.  It is an invitation to say “hello.”  A conversation starter.  And when you are presenting, it allows you to call people by name and connect with the audience.

There are several things that drive me NUTS about nametags as well:  They don’t stick, they swivel so you see the back of the card rather than the name.  And the worst offense of all: the name is written so small, you can’t read it.

Imagine my delight yesterday when I attended the Arizona Association of Facilitators meeting.  LOVE this nametag!  I could see people’s names across the room! (okay, so it was a classroom, but impressive nonetheless!).

Are you making your nametags large enough for people to read your name from across the room?

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