Kristin’s Top 15 Tips

Posted by Kristin Arnold on December 28, 2010

So here’s my request of you, dear readers.  When you prepare your presentation, keep in mind:

1.     Your presentation is about them, not about you.

2.     Engage early, even before your presentation begins.

3.     Be relevant and unique; more than what they can find on the Internet.

4.     Remove any physical barriers between you and the audience.

5.     Use PowerPoint to complement your presentation, not supplant it.

6.     Create a handout or takeaway with all the detail enquiring minds want to know, which is different from your slideshow.

7.     Know your speech, inside and out, so you can go with the conversational flow and deal with any obstacles.

8.     Have a mini-conversation with the audience using your eyes.

9.     Have a real conversation with the audience starting with engaging questions.

10. Tell a “Me Too” story.

11. Embrace the technology in the room but only if it enhances the participants’ experience.

12. Involve the audience by letting them do as much for themselves as they can.

13. When appropriate, facilitate the conversation.

14. Ask for the order with a compelling call to action.

15. Deliberately think through how you are going to engage, involve, and inspire your audience to action.

All this happens because you aren’t winging it.  When you prepare to be engaging and interactive, you are not boring at all.

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