Suggested Introduction for Kristin Arnold

Kristin ArnoldLet me start off with a few questions:

  • Have you ever been in a meeting that was a complete waste of time?
  • Could you use some tips to reign in those that hijack the conversation?
  • Are you ready for ideas that will make your teams rock?

If your answer is “yes,” you’ll be glad you’re here. If you didn’t … then you don’t work in a team!

Our speaker today has been galvanizing executives and their teams around the world to think critically, make better decisions and achieve greater results for over 20 years.

She has an MBA in Marketing Strategy, is the past president of the US National Speakers Association and has been a high stakes meeting facilitator for over two dozen years. (Really? TWO dozen years? That’s ALOTTA meetings!)

What you may not know is that she is one of the first female graduates of the United States Coast Guard Academy AND the very first woman stationed onboard an ocean-going buoy tender where she learned early on in her career about working well with others.

She’s an award-winning author and has been featured on ABC, NBC, USA Today and Harvard Business Update.

When not facilitating really important meetings, she dabbles in real estate – making some good and (sometimes) not so great decisions buying and selling a office buildings, apartments, houses and cottages. She is also searching for the perfect olive to complement a vodka martini.

Helping us have more effective meetings, please join me in welcoming, from Scottsdale Arizona, meeting facilitator, author and average golfer, Kristin Arnold.