Using Teamwork to Make Teamwork Happen

Posted by Kristin Arnold on August 13, 2007

For years, I have been making observations about the team work (or the lack thereof) as I wander around the world. Sometimes I witness an event that makes me laugh (or cry), read a newsworthy tidbit about teamwork, or just want to rave (or rant) about something near and dear to my heart. What to do with these musings about teamwork?

Enter my pal, Tim Richardson. He is also a professional speaker who talks about “The Richest People in the World“ (great play on words, isn’t it?) He encouraged me to start a blog as way to chronicle my adventures in the world of teamwork. Enter Tia Graham, The Blogsultant, who patiently walked me through the ins and outs making this blog happen.

Welcome, and Let’s Make Team Work Happen!

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