Great Analogy for These Turbulent Economic Times

Posted by Kristin Arnold on March 17, 2009

Was talking with Pat Minicucci, Senior VP for International Banking at Scotiabank yesterday.  Of course, the topic of conversation centered around these interesting economic times.  (BTW, who isn’t talking about the economy these days?).  Pat shared a compelling analogy that resonates with his bank managers in the Caribbean.  You see, the Caribbean has a fair amount of experience with hurricanes – so Pat suggests that this turbulent economy is like a hurricane.  We’ve been through plenty of hurricanes, and we’ll get through this one too!  And the people who survive the best and are able to be up and running the fastest are those who planned for just this kind of weather – to batten down the hatches, store water, etc.  Good news is that the Canadian-based Scotiabank is in pretty good shape (unlike our US banks….which I won’t name here!)

It’s an analogy that his people can relate to…and gives them hope.

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