Fully Staffed Book Review: Learn to KEEP Great Employees

Posted by Kristin Arnold on April 28, 2020

I’ve been looking forward to Eric Chester’s new book: Fully Staffed: The Definitive Guide to Finding and Keeping Great Employees in the Worst Labor Market Ever as most of my clients were grappling with a 4% unemployment rate. But what about in the post-pandemic world when the labor market is suddenly chock-full of laid-off or furloughed workers now looking for jobs?

This book is equally as applicable. Having MORE applicants does not mean there will be a surplus of the RIGHT applicants you’ll need to get your business back on track. Faced with all the many arduous tasks and details that lie between being locked down and getting back to 100% operational, you are going to need a well-trained staff of front line people who know what to do and how to do it, who love your culture, and who are loyal to your cause.

First off, you need to KEEP your great employees (Chapter 3) by:
– Perfecting your hiring funnel (assessing, interviewing and tracking candidates)
– Onboarding brilliantly (who does this well? Chester shares best practices and invites you to download this FREE 3-chapter sample featuring what onboarding should look like in your organization.)
– Create a great place to work so your talent won’t want to leave!

As we go about re-hiring our workforce, this book is FABULOUS for reminding us of what we know, used to do, and inspiring us to what we CAN do to reel in “A” players.

Love this quote:

“Hiring the right people (not the best people but the right people – those ideally suited for your culture and who possess the technical skills and the talents required to handle the job, as well as the work ethic you demand), and you treat them better than another employer promises to treat them for performing in a similar role, you won’t need a retention strategy because your people aren’t going to leave.”

For more of Eric’s resources and for more about the book visit this link.


KRISTIN ARNOLD, MBA, CPF | Master, CSP is a high-stakes meeting facilitator and professional panel moderator.  She’s been facilitating teams of executives and managers in making better decisions and achieving greater results for over 20 years.  She is the author of the award-winning book, Boring to Bravo: Proven Presentation Techniques to Engage, Involve and Inspire Audiences to Action.

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