Energy Vampires

Posted by Kristin Arnold on November 16, 2007

Having spent the month of August on Prince Edwards Island, I was compelled to read the islands’ legendary Anne of Green Gables novels. In book 5, Anne of Ingleside, an energy vampire comes to live with Anne Blythe and her family, sucking the very lifeblood out a vivacious, loving family.

After a few months of living with the Blythe’s, Anne confides to her friend all the petty things Aunt Mary Maria Blythe has said and done to poison their life at Ingleside . “So little I can’t complain of them. And yet…it’s the little things that fret the holes in life…like moths…and ruin it.

Even Anne, the eternal, effervescent optimist cannot turn around Mary Maria’s toxic disposition as much as Anne would like to.

Question: Do you have an energy vampire on your team? If you are sure you do, the only way to solve this problem is, like Anne, to remove her from your team.

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