Emcee – Master of Ceremonies


Kristin is Your Insurance to Make Your Event Extraordinary


With Kristin as your Emcee – Master (or Mistress, depending on how PC you want to be) of Ceremonies, you can be assured that your business event will flow smoothly and on time. She’s the glue that holds it all together in a gracious and elegant way.

Kristin quickly connects with the group with her warm, engaging style. She reinforces the conference theme and “connects the dots” between mainstage speakers and event activities.  She involves the audience without making them do silly teambuilding, ra-ra, turn to your neighbor activities. She’s “refreshingly candid,” building conversations with the audience about key issues. She’s known to be spontaneous, witty, and gets the audience to crack a few smiles and chuckles – even with left-brained scientists and engineers!


Kristin is the lead author to the National Speakers Association whitepaper on how an emcee brings value to your meeting. You can download this informative guide here.

Kristin’s Process to EmCee Your Event

Kristin uses a 4-step process to design and EmCee your meeting that is customized to your outcomes, company culture, and the players involved.

Kristin starts with a conversation with the meeting team to clarify the purpose of the event, meeting theme and desired outcomes. During this phase, Kristin typically:

  • Consults on the meeting agenda including the timing and flow of activities
  • Suggests opportunities to engage the audience
  • Discovers what you like/don’t like about EmCees
  • Confirms my primary role as your Event EmCee

The best emcees take the working agenda and then proactively design and prepare for the event’s bits and pieces by:

  • Coordinating with the presenters on how they can interact and complement each other
  • Writing engaging introductions
  • Coordinating event logistics with the property to include seating options and audio-visual support, as well as using emerging technologies such as electronic polling of participants to ensure maximum engagement.

Kristin emcees the event by

  • Introducing other speakers, events and activities throughout the meeting
  • Summarizing key points to remember and using “call backs” to reinforce and build on the message
  • Providing transitions (or segues) between speakers, events and activities to allow for stage changes and unexpected delays
  • Interviewing individuals or team members on stage (either live or pre-recorded)
  • Ensuring lively audience participation.
  • Being humorous, where appropriate.
  • Staying active in all aspects of the event: participating in breaks, happy hours, meals, etc. bringing vignettes and observations to the larger group.
  • She’s available on call throughout the day. She’ll be checking in with you regarding the pace of the program. Speed up, no problem. Slow down, okey dokey! Whatever you need, if she can, she’ll fill in and help out!

Kristin summarizes the key points at the end and in a written report immediately following the event.  You can reinforce these points in follow up emails, newsletters and talking points. She’ll also evaluate the session with you to create next steps and recommendations for your next meeting.