Effortless Teamwork

Posted by Kristin Arnold on October 4, 2007

Eight years ago, I read an article about an intriguing, new restaurant opening up at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. I still remember the picture of a four-story “wine tower” with “angels” who deftly rappel their way to your wine selection.

When I found myself in Las Vegas facilitating a client meeting, I asked my sister, Joy, the wine snob, to join me for dinner at Aureole’s for an absolutely delightful evening. Yes, the wine tower is four stories tall and everything I had imagined. Think Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and you get the picture.

Rather than a wine menu, the sommelier provided a computer tablet with the complete inventory of wines – searchable with drop-down menus! Joy selected a lovely, Argentinean Malbec and the fixed-price three course meal. My selections were absolutely delicious; starting with a lobster and artichoke appetizer (I had never paired those two together before), a tender rack of lamb on a bed of garlic infused white beans and capped with a carmelized apple dumpling and steaming cup of decaf coffee.

All in all, I don’t think I have had such a lovely dinner in a very long time.

I mentioned to Joy that I wanted to write about Aureole in my blog, but that nothing struck me as a “teamwork moment”. I couldn’t point to one specific action that would define “teamwork” for my readers. And yet, Aureole is the epitome of teamwork from the moment you walk down the staircase, admire the wine tower; escort to our table; ask for our order; offer another roll; and otherwise check on us in an unobtrusive manner. It’s seamless teamwork – seemingly effortless to the customer, but requires behind the scenes dedication to make all the moving parts work in symphony with each other.

Question: From your customers’ perspective, does your team work appear effortless?

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