Don’t Just Give Thanks, Say “Thanks” Too!

Posted by Kristin Arnold on November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday.  It’s a time for family and friends to get together with absolutely no expectations.  No gifts, no costumes, no cards, no nothing.  Just a turkey dinner, great conversation and a little aquavit (my family is swedish and we have a lovely tradition singing helan gar after every course!).

Sometime after dinner and before the pumpkin pie, we all go around the table and share what we are thankful for.  I find this is a lovely time to reflect on the year and share our gratitude for an abundant life.  (In reality, we should be grateful each and every day – and a fabulous habit is to wake up and think about all the things to be grateful for).

Over the team potluck lunch today or tomorrow, take a moment to share what you are thankful for.  But take it one more step: Identify people on your team and say, “Thanks” for how they have helped you, made a difference in your life.  It’s a little piece of cheery feedback that is much more satisfying than a piece of pie.  🙂

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your team, family and friends – and thank you for reading this blog as well as all your support.



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