Ensure a Return On Your Investment with This Closing Keynote

So What?  Now What?  Translate Your Takeaways into Action

There is a growing trend in the meetings industry that organizers must articulate a return on investment with tangible outcomes when hiring speakers to open or close their conferences.   Meeting sponsors and attendees alike ask the question:

What will this speaker do other than entertain us?

Your organization is making a sizeable investment of time, energy and money to bring their people together. The attendees have made a substantial investment as well and they want to go home armed with tools to implement positive change.

Why not try something a little “different” than your typical closing speaker? Kristin Arnold’s “endnote” is a closing session conversation that addresses the question:

So now what are you going to do with ideas and information you have learned?

In an engaging, entertaining and inspiring style, Kristin helps participants to recognize their key learnings and create a team-based plan to successfully implement their ideas.  Participants leave the conference energized and motivated to implement their ideas and eager to come back to next year’s conference for more!


But wait, there’s more!

Some clients want to QUANTIFY their investment – and she can do this! At the end the speech, she requests each participant to send her their top three commitments (mostly through text messaging, but there are other ways to get this information).

Then, 30 days later, she sends each attendee a personalized email re-affirming their commitments, asking for feedback on how they are doing and the consequence of their actions. In return, those who respond will receive a gift (typically an electronic white paper, e-book or signed copy of one of Kristin’s publications).

  • Identify specific conference topics that resonated with the participants.
  • Provide tangible evidence that participants have implemented ideas presented at the conference (something they will start, stop or change the way they are doing it!)
  • Provide insight into further educational offerings/communications to support the conference theme and key take-aways.
Kristin’s style is a bit different than your traditional closing keynoter absolutely perfect for those audiences wanting to shape the presentation and interact with the speaker and with each other.
What a great way to end a conference — helping attendees sort through all that they’ve learned and choose the most valuable nuggets as action items.


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