The Alphabet Soup of a Certified Professional Facilitator and Professional Speaker

Posted by Kristin Arnold on October 24, 2011

You may be wondering, “What’s with all the letters behind your name, Kristin?”  Looks like an alphabet soup, doesn’t it?

Yes, I am certifiably certified – as a professional facilitator (CPF), professional speaker (CSP) and management consultant (CMC).  I got my MBA along the way, so we might as well throw that in there too!

Most professions have a way to assure prospective clients that they are hiring a competent professional and that they will receive quality services.  When you are ill, you look for a doctor who is certified in that speciality. Or, if you are designing a building, you want a competent architect to draw up your plans.  How do you know these professionals are competent?  They are known for their great work and have numerous testimonials to back it up.  They have excellent marketing materials and they are certified or licensed by their professional association.

At QPC Inc. – The Extraordinary Team, we just finished an upgrade of our main website, marketing materials and testimonial database.  And, we continue to be proud of the great work we do facilitating high stakes meetings, speaking at conferences and other events (I call this a “MainStage Conversation”) and training people on team, facilitation, and presentation skills.

It’s all focused on help you achieve astonishing results through teamwork and collaboration.  Give us a call to discuss how we can help your teams become extraordinary!


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