Make Your Presentations More Engaging and Interactive

If you are looking to improve your presentation skills and make your presentations more engaging and interactive, then our Boring to Bravo® Workshop is designed with you in mind!

Keep in mind, this is NOT “Presentation Skills 101.” We presume you know the rudimentary basics of how to put a presentation together. This is an advanced course to help you kick it up a notch or two (or exponentially more!) – engaging the audience, creating buy-in, and incite them to action.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to identify what the audience wants to hear vs. what you want them to hear.
  • How to create interest and excitement about your presentation even before you begin to speak.
  • A hundred different techniques to engage and involve the audience.
  • When you should move from presenting information to facilitating discussion.
  • Five strategies to incite the participants to take action after your presentation.
  • A deceptively simple way to continually improve your presentation skills.

The one-day session covers the basic elements contained in the book,

Boring to Bravo: Proven Presentation Techniques to Engage, Involve, and Inspire Your Audience to Action.

The two-day workshop expands on the material covered in the one day workshop PLUS real-time presentations with feedback using a variety of techniques including:

  • “Hot seats” where fellow participants brainstorm techniques
  • Video recordings of short vignettes
  • Instructor/peer-based feedback on the vignettes

Each participant will receive a hard-cover copy of the book, Boring to Bravo.

For more information about this workshop, contact us today!

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