Book Review: Beyond Profit and Productivity

Posted by Kristin Arnold on June 24, 2024

Beyond Profit Productivity Book Review

Paul Krismer and Jackson Kerchis just published Beyond Profit & Productivity: Putting Positive Workplace Culture to Work. Ostensibly, this book is about creating “happiness” in the workplace (with happiness defined as “an umbrella term referring to any of the many well-researched positive emotions [such as] joy, gratitude, interest, hope, pride inspiration, serenity, amusement, awe, love).  So how, precisely, do you do that?

While there are many books about “culture,” I think Krismer and Kerchis’ depiction of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a pyramid of “rooms” – each with its cultural attributes is priceless.

They admit that “culture isn’t owned by the senior leaders in an organization, it’s their beliefs, shared attitudes, and commonly held stories.  Culture is the unwritten, and usually unspoken, code of conduct.” However, leaders at multiple levels can use this hierarchy to assess what’s working and what is not.  Reinforce what’s working well and pick one or two things that you think will make a difference in making your organization more profitable and productive because your people are happy and working in a thriving, positive culture.

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